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Welcome to The Office Lounge and Liquor Store, where Livingston local owners Cory and Teresa Soule have taken up residence since 2017. Cory and Teresa came to Livingston via Belgrade, Montana where they worked and managed Belgrade Liquor for years. When the opportunity for purchasing The Office Lounge and Liquor presented itself, this decisive move was the next logical step in their culinary, social and philanthropic careers.

Graduating from The Western Culinary Institute in Portland after high school in Havre, Montana, Chef Cory hails from a lifelong dedication to the food service industry that included running a family-owned operation in the liquor business. Chef Cory, however, had always wanted to have his own restaurant and now, seven years after taking over The Office, he has a beautiful state-of-the-art kitchen completed in 2022. A true Montanan, Cory continues to remain involved in all aspects of the Livingston community. 


Teresa, previously a corporate event planner, hails from Alabama.  After graduating from Auburn University, she took a summer job in Grand Teton National Park. That was all it took for Teresa to fall for all things in the great American West... including Chef Cory, who she met and married here. Teresa worked with non-profits locally before joining the family-run business, Belgrade Liquor. Once they relocated to Livingston she brought with her a love for community and jumped headlong into getting involved with the people and causes of the town. Between her many duties and busy business owner schedule she has quickly become a town fixture.

Teresa and Cory Soule

Cory and Teresa have grown The Office Lounge and Liquor since taking over in 2017.  First a small kitchen made way towards giving Chef Cory his dream. Then the Covid Pandemic brought about the addition of a grocery section to the liquor store creating both a new eatery in town as well as convenience on Main Street for the downtown locals.  The Casino section was expanded as well and now holds 11 machines. And finally, Chef Cory has his dream kitchen with more space, upgraded systems and brand new commercial appliances. 

Addtionally, Gaming, Pool, Darts, Trivia, Bingo, Shake-a-day and a multitude of High Definition Televisions to watch all your favorite Sports are now part of the The Lounge Daily experience. 

”We want the community to feel like home when they stop

by each and every time”, says Teresa. “The neighboring business owners

are our confidantes, partners, allies and cohorts and it is so amazing to be

a part of this community. Our customers have become some of our closest friends.  We spend holidays together, share stories and experiences.”

She adds, “We can’t wait for the future. Chef Cory will continue dazzling all our people with his delicious food”

You are welcome to stop by The Office at

128 S. Main and say hello anytime, they would love to hear from you!

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